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senior YEARS curriculum

Year 10

Students can undertake at least one VCE study in Year 10. This enables them to experience ‘making choices’ for the first time, as well as the rigor of completing VCE level study. The opportunity to study alongside Year 11 students fosters academic role-modeling in our senior years. As the year progresses Year 10 students begin to develop a pathway through the Senior Years and are able to make future subject selections from a point of knowledge and experience. Year 10 students also are provided a broad choice of electives which will assist in designing pathways toward VCE study in Year 11.

Much of our Year 10 pastoral program is devoted to developing the skills and attitudes required to be a successful VCE student as well as the knowledge required to make informed subject selections for Year 11. Work experience and outdoor education camps are popular and beneficial aspects of the Year 10 program.

Years 11 & 12


Download our extensive VCE Subject Selection Guide for 2018-2019

Our VCE students attempt six studies at Year 11. The only compulsory study is English. With more than 35 studies offered, students can pursue interests in the Arts, Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Languages, PE/Health and Music.

Capable Year 11 students are provided with the opportunity of accelerating their studies and completing one of their Year 12, Unit 3 and 4 studies, at Year 11. This allows students to gain a head start on their Year 12 studies, and gives them the opportunity to complete six studies that will contribute to their final result. Unit 3/4 studies contribute towards students’ final Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR) score.

Year 11 students seeking practical industry training also have the option of completing a Vocational Educational Training (VET) subject off campus. This is usually undertaken in an applied learning environment such as Chisholm TAFE in Frankston or at a local Registered Training Organization. Most VET studies count towards the VCE and the final ATAR score.

All Year 12 students attempt at least four Unit 3/4 studies. A normal program includes six Unit 3/4 studies, with English the only compulsory subject.

Year 12 is an exciting and academically rigorous time for our students. The year can be hectic as students balance academic studies with involvement in the co-curricular program of the School. Year 12 begins with an orientation program that provides students with the opportunity to consider the year ahead and develop goals for future success. 

VCE and Teaching

Achievement is not all about academic success. At Peninsula Grammar, students are encouraged to always strive to achieve their personal best and to learn for life, not just for an exam. Some people argue that as the predominant form of assessment in the VCE is the examination, then schools should therefore concentrate solely on preparing students for exams with rote learning techniques and prescribed answers. For students who are encouraged to use high order thinking skills and who can critically analyze the subject matter before them, an exam should be a less demanding form of assessment in which they excel.

Our excellent VCE results certainly suggest that at Peninsula Grammar, a focus on learning for life has this effect. When predicted student results are compared with achieved results in each study, Peninsula students, on average, gain one to four points above their expected study score; achievement that comes back to the classroom environment, the ability of the teaching staff and the culture of the School. These achievements then allow many of our students to gain entry to their preferred tertiary pathway.


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