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Year 5, 2018 SCHOLARSHIP examinations

Peninsula Grammar is offering scholarships for students entering Year 5 in 2018. Applications are now open.

Scholarship Selection Testing is conducted on our behalf by ACER, The Australian Council for Educational Research, a well-known, independent, national research and development organization. ACER currently conducts scholarship testing of many thousands of students across Australia.

Please note that a candidate who registers for more than one school using the ACER program will need to sit more than one test as scores are not shared amongst schools. If two schools offer testing on the same day, candidates will have to choose between the schools.


The Scholarships

We offer two types of scholarships commencing in Year 5  – Academic and General Excellence.

Academic Scholarships are awarded to the students who perform best on the examination.

General Excellence Scholarships are awarded to students who do well on the examination and who can demonstrate excellence in areas such as Sport, Music, Drama, etc. Evidence of achievement will be required from those students who are invited for General Excellence interviews after the awarding of Academic Scholarships is completed.

Scholarships commencing in Year 5 are usually tenable until the completion of Year 12.

General Conditions

  • The Principal may, at his discretion, decide not to award any or all of the scholarships, in the event of applicants failing to reach a satisfactory standard at the examination

  • The Principal can terminate a scholarship at any time if he is not satisfied with the holder's conduct or progress

  • Scholarships are tenable throughout a student’s time at the School, and it is expected that scholarship holders will remain at the School until they complete VCE, unless there are extraordinary circumstances

  • The number of scholarships and the level of fee remission may vary, but in general a 50% remission of tuition fees is applicable for Academic Scholarships. General Excellence Scholarships normally attract up to 30% remission. Please note that a registration fee and non-refundable entrrance fee will be payable for new students entering Peninsula Grammar.

  • A scholarship holder is required to give a lead in the academic life of the School, an undivided loyalty to the School, and to participate fully in School activities.


The Examination

The examination includes a test of general reasoning, spelling, reading comprehension, written expression and maths. These tests have been intentionally selected to be appropriate and non-threatening for this age group. Most students find that the testing is challenging but not traumatising, and many even find the experience enjoyable!  For further information regarding the structure of the test, please refer to the ACER website.

ACER offers several publications which may assist your child to prepare for the test. Please refer to the ACER website for details.

Please note that past tests are not available for purchase.

We usually receive the test results from ACER approximately two weeks after the exam. However, it takes an additional four weeks for the scholarship process to be finalized by the School and parents should rest assured that they WILL be contacted with regard to their child’s performance in the exam. The School will provide a written report of each child’s examination results to parents.

The School’s decision as to the number of Scholarships offered, and to whom, is final.  No correspondence will be entered into with parents of children who are not awarded a Scholarship or a Scholarship interview.  The School’s enrolment policies and requirements will be taken into account in awarding scholarships.

General Information

  • Please refer to ACER’s policies regarding refunds

  • Please do not submit supporting documentation with your application, either to ACER or to the School. If a student is being considered for a scholarship, further information will be requested at that time

  • The Admissions Office are happy to provide guidance on 2018 fees.

To apply

To apply for a Year 5, 2018 Scholarship:

Applications for Scholarships commencing in 2017 have now closed. 

Registration Fees and Application Closing Dates

Online Registration: $125    

Closing Date: Applications must be made on-line and registrations will close at noon on Monday 13 February 2017.

After this date and time any late applications may only be made in person at the Peninsula Grammar Admissions Office and will incur an additional late fee of $50.


Remote Locations
Within Australia:  $190    Overseas: $300

Please note that ACER does not have established ACER Examination Centres for overseas or country candidates, but can provide some assistance in setting up additional centres and in the delivery of test materials to them.

All remote applications must be received by noon on 1 February 2017 and unfortunately late remote applications cannot be accepted.

Please note that the online registration fee must be paid by credit card. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the online registration process.

You will receive an email from ACER confirming your registration.  If you experience any problems while registering online, please contact a member of the ACER technical support team at

Examination Day

  • Your child must arrive no later than 8:45am to allow students time to be seated prior to the commencement of the examinations at 9:00am

  • On arrival, all students and parents should wait outside the Old Gym, which is located adjacent to the Administration Block.  Please click here for a map of the School. When we are ready to call the roll, parents will be asked to move to the quadrangle and we will commence calling the students into the examination hall by their names.

  • The exam will conclude at approximately 11:30am.

  • As any noise can be quite distracting for the students sitting the examination, we ask that families do not return to the examination venue to collect their children until the conclusion of the exam.

  • On examination day your child will only need to bring along two HB or B pencils, a pencil eraser and two blue or black pens. No other equipment should be brought, as all other materials will be provided on the day.

  • The School will provide a snack and a drink for your child during the break, but your child is welcome to bring a bottle of water for consumption during the examination.

If you have any queries regarding the Peninsula Grammar Scholarship Program, please contact our Admissions Office on (03) 9788 7753.


Parents wishing to view the School are invited to contact our Admissions Office, who welcome enquiries at any time and will be happy to arrange personal tours for families. Telephone (03) 9788 7753 or email

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