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Year 7

Year 7 at Peninsula Grammar

Year 7 at Peninsula Grammar is an exciting time; a unique period of student growth and development. As part of our Middle Years’ ‘Becoming Me’ program, Year 7 is designed to extend students' academic skills, promote personal development and encourage responsible citizenship through a variety of learning experiences.

This includes interdisciplinary learning across a range of academic areas and an extensive outdoor education program. It includes a focus on targeted growth in Literacy and Numeracy for each student and it starts to prepare students for their transition into the all important Senior Years.

Our Year 7 students develop invaluable perspective in our explicit Positive Psychology classes and Personal and Social Learning program and thrive in an environment of increasing levels of responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.

Our teaching philosophy and practice is based on the understanding that in Year 7 students undergo significant physical, emotional, social and academic development. So we make Year 7 interesting, engaging and most importantly tailored to what they need at this age. It’s busy, it’s challenging and it’s rewarding.

What’s new in 2017?

At Peninsula Grammar we continually research, review and consider the needs and interests of our students in developing our programs for the years ahead. In 2017 we have identified a number of opportunities to provide the optimal learning environment for Year 7 students and there are some exciting new initiatives in store.

After much planning and preparation, our Year 7 group will now have a much greater focus on House-based activities to create a stronger sense of belonging and House spirit and they will also have co-educational and single gender classes for Mathematics and English.

House-based pastoral care activities

Peninsula Grammar has a rich tradition of over 55 years of House competition where our students have enjoyed and benefited from the connections and sense of belonging that develop in their House. In 2017, in line with our commitment to nurturing our School and House spirit, our Year 7 students will be allocated to House-based Mentor groups.

Students will come together in these groups with their Mentor at the beginning of each day, for their Positive Psychology classes and Personal and their Social Learning classes. They will also participate in camps and assemblies within their House-based groups as well as House-based competitions with other year levels including our sport competitions, music performances and a tug of war.

Our Senior Years students also participate in a House-based pastoral care system and the newly appointed Heads of House and Year 12 House Captains and Vice Captains will provide strong leadership for our Year 7 students. 

Co-educational and single gender classes for Mathematics and English

In 2017 in Year 7 we introduced flexible learning groups for Mathematics and English. This involves high ability co-educational classes where boys and girls work in the same class; and single gender all ability classes where boys and girls work in separate classes.

This initiative, combined with our targeted teaching approach provides the optimal learning environment for students in this age group. It understands the social, emotional and physical changes that occur at this time and ensures every student has what they need to flourish.

All other classes are co-educational including humanities, science, drama, music and PE as well as specialist class grouping for art, languages and sport.

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our golden jubilee celebrations

All members of our community - past, present and future - were invited to join us as we celebrated fifty years of outstanding education on the Mornington Peninsula. We had a host of celebratory Golden Jubilee events in 2011. 



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